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Cat phones – Construma exhibition in April 2015

Mantra post | November 24, 2015

Cat phones are made for heavy-duty use. Construma was the perfect exhibition to introduce Cat phones in Hungary. Visiotrs had a chance to get to know the phones, and moreover they tested how a Cat phone work in extreme circumstances. The phones were tested by the visitors by water and strike.

Cat phones – Construma


Mantra post | November 24, 2015

HTC M9+ – A powerful imaging and audio experience comes encased in a stunning luxury exterior

HTC One M9+

HTC announced in July the newest member of HTC One family, HTC M9+. HTC One M9+ perfectly embodies HTC’s philosophy to connect people to their passions and empower them in their own pursuits of brilliance. With a powerful imaging and audio experience packed into a beautifully designed, luxury exterior, the new HTC One M9+ delivers a truly premium HTC One experience. The HTC One M9+ leverages HTC’s iconic all-metal design and combines it with significant new enhancements, including a 5.2” 2K display with new Fingerprint security and HTC BoomSound with Dolby Audio™ surround sound for exhilarating multimedia experiences.  HTC’s new and improved Duo Camera promises professional-looking photos with the finest detail and the highest quality and flexibility. Finally, a generous 128GB microSD storage capacity will allow you to safely store your life’s treasured memories and take them wherever you go.


Bacardi at Sziget Festival

Mantra post | November 24, 2015

This year Bacardi was at Sziget Festival with a huge Bacardi Gateway Bar. During the day it was a perfect place to play or relax, but in the night Bacardi Zone became the place of the biggest parties. We cooperated with Marquard Media and some bloggers to communicate Bacardi  lifestyle.

Bacardi Gateway Bar

Be a hero of Budapest!

Independent post | November 24, 2015

Egy nap a városban blog has a wonderful initiative. With „hero of the city” project they try to call attention to child starvation. Heroes of the city can donate 3750 / 5000 / 7500 Ft to Child Catering Association (, in exchange for can eat in the best restaurants of Budapest for discount price. More information:

Nescafé – Love mornings

Independent post | November 24, 2015

Usually mornings are taff and unlikeable but we all know that there are lovely moments of the mornings for all of us. Nescafe’s „Morning song” has collected these moments. The base of the lyrics is from Nescafe social media comments – people wrote what they like in the mornings and Wolfie from Punnany Massif created a song from them. Music is made by Delov Jávor from Random Trip, and who else could sing the song but Vera Tóth. We love morning, because…

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